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Waltz (Beginner-Advanced)

The waltz is probably the most widely recognized partner dance in the world. It is one of the "backbone" dances of ballroom and country dancing. This tape starts with the easy "box step pattern," it uses the "follow the leader" teaching method, and it is fully suitable for the complete beginner. The waltz is a very easy dance to learn. All you really have to know is the box step to enjoy this dance. This tape moves on to show 30 figures, including many intermediate figures. This video shows figures that are popular and that are easy to lead in social dancing. Most figures are "American Style," but two amalgamations of "International Style" figures are shown. The video shows how to combine the figures to create a dance routine with patterns such as open right turns, toss across, spirals, reverse turns, free spins, and four patterns involving lady and gentleman on matched footwork. This video is professionally produced in beautiful, "broadcast quality" digital video with stereo, CD-quality sound.

30 Figures
Note: This waltz instructional video covers more than just the steps below. The videotape begins with an introduction to the waltz that includes beautiful footage of professional competitions. The intro provides more information than you would get in many private lessons. Frame, connection, timing, and music structure are discussed.

              Basic Steps

  1. The Basic Box Step
    The basic box step is easy to learn. You'll follow Sarah from behind to make this especially easy to learn.
  2. The Box Step Moving About in 1/4 Turns
    Once you start moving the box around the floor, you look great! This is soooo easy, but it looks great. We show you the secrets to rise and fall technique. Note: the "majesty" in waltz comes not from the steps, but from the style. Even the box step, when danced "majestically," looks awesome. We show you how to achieve the majestic look!
  3. Closed Changes, Left and Right (Forward Line of Dance)
    Closed changes accomplish several things. First, they let you move the box down the line of dance. Closed changes are also used to link figures together.
  4. Forward "Streamline" Basic
    The important thing here learning how to dance the "rise and fall." We show you how to do this.
  5. Backward Streamline Basic
    The secret to dancing backwards is in extending from the hip and stepping to the toe.
  6. Backward Basic with Left and Right Closed Changes
    Analogous to #3.
  7. Movement to Promenade and Promenade Basic
    The movement to promenade position precedes and sets up many, many figures.
  8. The Basic Twinkle
    I hate this name (Twinkle), but it's part of the waltz lingo. Dance it, but don't tell folks the name of the step.
  9. Rolling Twinkles or "Toss Across"
    This pattern is really easy, but it looks good.
  10. She Goes / He Goes Twinkles
    This is also an easy pattern...great for social dancing.
  11. Open Hand Hold Toss Across
    This is also an easy pattern...great for social dancing.
  12. Roll In / Push Off
    This movement is sometimes called "rolling off the arm." It's popular in many dances.
  13. Right Turning Basic, "Twinkle Roundabout"
    This is a really important figure. Many figures can be started from this figure and many figures can end by transitioning back into this figure. In addition, turning basics are fun and this one can be used to "motor" yourself around the floor.
  14. Open Hand Hold Serpentine (Spirals)
    This is a classic, "must know" figure in American style waltz.
  15. Serpentine Danced in Closed Dance Hold
    Like #14, but danced in a closed hold.
  16. Movement to Promenade, Inside (Reverse) Turn
    Single reverse turns work well in the waltz.
  17. Vine Step and Synchronous Free Spins - Man on Outside
    This is an easy, leadable figure.
  18. Vine Step and Synchronous Free Spins - Lady on Outside
    This is an easy, leadable figure.
  19. Triple Twinkle
  20. Left Turning Basic
  21. Left Turn with Extra Turn for Lady
    Similar to #20, but the Lady performs an extra turn.
  22. Single Pivot
    Pivots are extra fun.
  23. Pivoting Spirals
    This is a great move for social dancing - easy to lead, looks nice, fun.
  24. She Goes / He Goes Counterclockwise Turns

    Steps on "Matched" Footwork

  25. Pair Turns
  26. Windmill Turns
  27. Overhead "Tick Tocks"
  28. Tandem Turns

    Combinations of International Style Figures

  29. Reverse Turn, Closed Change, Natural Turn, Closed Change
    This is a great figure for getting the hang of international style waltz.
  30. Reverse Turn, Whisk, Chasse, Natural Spin Turn
    This is the standard "bronze" combination.
Instructors: Joe and Patricia
95 minutes
Number of Patterns: 30
DVD: $30

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