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Almost all beginners make these mistakes:
  • The biggest and most frequent mistake is dipping or falling on the "one" beat so that their waltz has sudden "dropout" on this beat. Some folks call this a "pogo" look. Waltz needs to have a very smooth, gradual rise and gradual fall. The process of falling should occur mostly on the second part of the "three" beat. The step on the three beat starts on the toe, continues to the lowering of the heel, and continues further into compression. Dance contest judges often look at the top of the Gentleman's head, looking for the sinusoidal, smooth rise and fall action.

  • Another big problem the beginner has is trying to dance waltz in a continuous line like a two step might be danced, with the lady traveling continuously backwards. Waltz should not be danced continuously in a straight line like two step. Instead, learn a basic routine that might consist of 1) a natural (or right) turn, 2) a change step (a closed change), 3) a reverse turn (a turn to the left), and 4) a change step. Then repeat this over and over. Dance waltz steps when dancing a waltz. Waltz generally travels in serpentines and angles, not just in a straight, "streamline" down the floor.

  • Another problem is rushing the beat. Waltz is slow. "Hover" before stepping prematurely to the next step.

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