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East Coast Swing Volume 1

This tape, which uses the easy, "follow the leader" teaching method, is fully suitable for the complete beginner. It contains many "follow along" practice sessions. East Coast Swing, also known as Jitterbug or triple timing swing, is the most popular type of swing. East Coast Swing is a great first dance to learn and the six-count patterns of East Coast Swing can serve as a foundation for "Lindy Hop" swing, which uses eight-count patterns in addition to six-count patterns. Though suitable for the beginner, this tape goes on to show many, many intermediate and advanced patterns that are great for social dancing. Many really cool pretzel and tunnel patterns are packed into this 90 minute tape.

Step List

  1. The basic step broken down and shown in detail.
  2. Open hand hold "push."
  3. Starter step in promenade position.
  4. Dancing in closed position.
  5. Release to open (throw out) and movement from open back to closed.
  6. Lady's inside reverse turn (Lady's turn to left).
  7. Man's underarm turn to left and man's turn to left dropping hand at waist and then picking back up.
  8. Tuck turn exit from closed position.
  9. "She goes/he goes." She turns to the left on the first triple step, he turns to the left on the second triple step.
  10. American spin shown with three different leads: 1) hand to hand lead, 2) waist catch lead, 3) catch on the shoulders lead.
  11. Turnstile (flip away) turn. Man dances into Lady's right arm, pushes it (like a turnstile), she turns to the right.
  12. Movement into right side "cuddle" position with tuck turn out.
  13. Movement to cuddle, then movement to "hammerlock," then two counterclockwise (CCW) turns for the lady.
  14. "She goes double/he goes." Similar to #9, but the lady turns twice, then the man turns once.
  15. Behind the back hand change combination for the man. She does an inside reverse turn and the man makes a turn to the right to make a behind the back hand change ( BTBHC). Now in "handshake," he leads another inside reverse turn for the lady, he turns to left making another BTBHC.
  16. Two more ways to make hand changes: 1) dropping a hand at the waist during a turn, then picking back up with opposite hand. 2) "Arm Slide." One hand over her head, one hand over his, then they slide apart.
  17. Behind the back flip away turn. She does an inside reverse turn, then he goes to the right to make a BTBHC with a "prep" to lead a free spin to the left for the lady.
  18. "Hair brush" figure for the guy.
  19. "Hair brush" figure for the lady.
  20. Two handed "she goes/he goes" movement preceding movement to right side cuddle position.
  21. Lady's single tunnel.
  22. Lady's double tunnel.
  23. Man's tunnel.
  24. Cross handed "she goes/he goes" turns to precede setting up tunnels.
  25. Lady's double tunnel following man's duck under the arms.
  26. "She goes/he goes," but this time she goes to the left, he goes to the right.
  27. "She goes/they both go." She does an inside reverse turn, then they both do a "shoulder roll."
  28. American spin variation where they both spin (opposite directions).
  29. Man's pretzel.
  30. Lady's pretzel.
  31. A combination: Lady's movement to "skater's" position. Tuck and turn to the right for the lady. Double turns to the left for the lady, man makes a BTBHC at the end.
  32. "High /Low" and pick up move for the man. (Man's turn to the left with arm style variation, collecting the lady in closed dance position.)
  33. Toe, heel swivels.
  34. "Chicken Walks," (swivel walks for the lady).
  35. Two handed "barrel roll."
  36. Hat tricks. Dance figures and tricks you can do with a hat.
  37. Quick tunnels.
  38. Tunnel combinations.
  39. Quick tunnel to double slow tunnels.
  40. How to "hit the breaks." Places where you can "hit" or freeze to breaks (stops) in the music.
  41. How to flip a hat in the air while dancing.
Instructors: Joe and Patricia
about 90 minutes
Number of Patterns: about 35
DVD: $30

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