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Salsa Volume 1: Beginner/Intermediate

This video demystifies salsa. Salsa, though fundamentally a rather easy dance, is a bear to learn because everybody teaches it differently. In addition, many different styles exist. I've studied a bunch of different teaching styles and step styles and I think I've boiled it down to the "universals." This video shows 1) the basic steps you will need, 2) how to count the steps, 3) how to count the music, and 4) how to dance to the music for "Salsa on 1, "Salsa on 2," and "Salsa on 3." In addition, it goes on to show over thirty leadable figures for social dancing, including easy shine figures. This video is fully suitable for the complete beginner. It begins with the easy "follow the leader" teaching method. This video goes into detail on how to count salsa music to enable understanding "Salsa on 1" versus "Salsa on 3," etc. This video also demystifies teaching discrepancies you may have encountered by explaining the most common teaching variations. This video covers the most essential "foundation" moves of salsa. There is enough material to develop an entire dance routine.

List of Steps

  1. The Basic Step in Partnership
    We actually show the basic step for all of the three most popular dance styles: 1) salsa on 1, 2) ballroom mambo on 2, and 3) New York club style mambo on 2.
  2. The Cucaracha Step.
  3. The Lady's Natural Underarm Turn (she turns to the right)
  4. She does the natural turn/he does the natural turn (tag)
    This "she goes/he goes" sequence is an easy pattern and it's a very important pattern.
  5. The Reverse Turn (a turn to the left)
  6. She does the reverse turn/he does the reverse turn
    This is another very important turn sequence.
  7. Cross Body Lead
    The cross body lead precedes almost all figures and it is used at the conclusion of almost all figures.
  8. Open Break
    The combination of the cross body lead and the open break sets up most figures.
  9. Cross Body Lead with Reverse Turn (Coca Cola)
    This footwork pattern is extremely essential. "Coca Cola" footwork is used for almost all left-turning passes, "pick offs," and salsa spins.
  10. She Goes Right/He Goes Left
    She Goes under to the right (a natural turn), then he goes under to the left. This sequence can be repeated.
  11. The Natural Top (also called The Back Spot Turn)
    This is another "foundation" move that sets up many other figures.
  12. The Natural Top/Open Break Repeating Combination
    This is an easy move and it's a fun move.
  13. Natural Turn and Easy Spot Turn Combination
    The easy spot turn can be started from a rock step...really easy.
  14. Leader's Waist Duck and Leader's Head Duck
    Ducks are really popular in salsa.
  15. Natural Top with Reverse Turn/Open Break Preceding
    This is a great lead in to the natural top.
  16. Enchunfla Turn
    The enchunfla turn is simply a reverse turn (a turn to the left), followed by a movement back to closed position. Still, it's very important and it can set up a she goes/he goes swing style of dancing.
  17. Enchunfla Doble (Double Enchunfla)...also called a "Stop and Go" or "Peek-a-Boo"
    Like number 16 above.
  18. Turnstile Spinning Right Side Pass
    An easy figure and an essential footwork pattern.
  19. Check to Salsa Spin
    Another important concept and footwork technique.
  20. The Natural Top with Slip Under (Adios)
    This is an easy but cool move. It's a syllabus figure from the salsa rueda syllabus.
  21. Three Swivel Walks
    Easy and sexy.
  22. "Down the Track" Natural Turn and Three Walks
  23. Down the Track Natural Turn to Right Side Opening Out to Toss Across
    Similar to the Rumba alemana turn/right side opening out/toss across "syllabus" sequence.
  24. Movement to Bow Tie (Sombrero) and Head Duck for the Lady
    Easy and cool.
  25. Cape position Parallel Rocks
    A popular rumba figure put to faster salsa timing.
  26. Behind the Back Hand Change Spinning Right Side Pass

Plus Eight Bonus Moves!!!

Easy Shine Moves...
Double Turn in the Chase
The Box (Circle)
The Kick Out

Syncopated Spinning Right Side Pass
Syncopated Natural Turns
Cross Over Breaks (New Yorkers)
Spot Turns
Back Breaks

Instructors: Joe, Sarah and Patricia
about 100 minutes
Number of Patterns: over 30
DVD: $35

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