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Social Rumba Volume 1
(Beginner - Advanced)

Rumba is a slow, romantic, sensuous dance that every dancer should know. This tape is fully suitable for the complete beginner but it goes on to show a boatload of leadable rumba figures for social dancing. It also has some fun moves and some hot moves involving dips and sweeps. I was originally going to call this tape "Roadhouse Rumba" because it contains, in addition to standard syllabus figures, a bunch of homemade or "roadhouse" patterns that you will not find in any ballroom syllabus. This tape DOES show the most common syllabus figures for both American Style rumba and International Style rumba. These figures include: underarm turns, cross-body lead, crossover breaks (New Yorkers), spot turns, the Natural Top (back spot turns), back breaks (hand to hand), swivels, three walks. Other International Style figures described include: alemana turn, natural opening out, closed hip twist, spiral, rope spinning, fan, hockey stick, and open hip twist. In addition to all this, it shows some non-syllabus patterns: over-sway dips, sweeps (rag doll sweep), extra & syncopated turns. This is a great video for social dancers because it contains so many popular and leadable figures. Many of these patterns can also be used in "Night Club Two Step," a rumba-like dance used for dancing to romantic slow songs. Instructors: Joe & Sarah. I dance these figures both in a ballroom setting and in a night club setting.

35 Figures
Note: This Rumba instructional video covers more than just the steps below. The videotape begins with an introduction to the Rumba. Next, frame, connection, timing, and music structure are discussed.

              Basic Steps

  1. The Basic Box Step (from American Style)
    The first step of almost all American style ballroom dances is the box step. The box is also used for teaching waltz and foxtrot. This easy figure will get you dancing in a hurry!
  2. The Forward and Backward Basic (used in American Style and in International Style)
    The basic consists of a break step, a replace step, and a slow step, the "slow" step usually danced to second foot position.
  3. The Arch Turn (Natural Underarm Turn)
    Spot turn footwork is used to complete this turn to the right.
  4. Back Breaks (also called Hand to Hand)
    Danced in closed, these would be called fifth position breaks. In International Style, these are called hand to hand, as they are danced with a one-hand hold.
  5. New Yorkers (also called Crossover Breaks)
    This is the all time most popular figure in cha cha and in rumba.
  6. Spot Turns
  7. The Cross-Body Lead
    Almost all dances use some form of the cross-body lead.
  8. Open Break (Cross-Body Lead to Open Break)
    The open break sets up many figures.
  9. Swivels
    A cute and sexy figure.
  10. The Chase
    Visual leading and following is employed. This is a popular figure in the cha cha, but it can also be danced in the rumba.
  11. The Easy Spot Turn
    This figure is similar to the Back Spot Turn, but the entry into it is easier.

    Intermediate Moves

  12. Movement to Fan Position and Alemana Turn
    From the International Style Rumba Bronze Syllabus
  13. Opening Out and Closed Hip Twist
    From the International Style Rumba Syllabus
  14. Hockey Stick
    From the International Style Rumba Syllabus
  15. Open Hip Twist
    From the International Style Rumba Syllabus
  16. Spiral
    From the International Style Rumba Syllabus
  17. Hockey Stick Overturned to New Yorkers
    From the International Style Rumba Syllabus
  18. Three Walks
    From the International Style Rumba Syllabus
  19. Natural Top (Back Spot Turn)
    From the International Style Rumba Syllabus
  20. Rope Spinning
    From the International Style Rumba Syllabus
  21. Toss Across
    A classic figure in many dances.
  22. Parallel Rocks in Cape Position
    An easy to lead and easy to follow figure.

    Cool Moves

  23. Circular Hip Twist
    A cool movement for the lady!
  24. Turkish Towel
    A cute move from cha cha adapted to Rumba footwork timing. Cute in Rumba also!
  25. Turnstile
    Popular in many dances including salsa and mambo.
  26. Hockey Stick Overturned with Extra Syncopated Turn
    Rumba music is slow enough to permit adding extra turns.
  27. Oversway Dip
    Dips are fun and they look cool.
  28. Rag Doll
    Borderline Dirty Dancing!
  29. Quick Turn
    An easy but sharp move.
  30. Outside Turns
  31. Lunge
    Easy and cool.
  32. Shoulder Rolls
    Similar to shoulder rolls performed in swing dancing.
  33. Movement to Bow Tie with Three Exit Styles
    "Bow Tie" position is popular in all dances.
  34. Three Strut Walks
    An easy, sexy, move.
  35. Natural Top, Check, Natural Top Again
Instructors: Joe and Sarah
about 120 minutes
Number of Patterns: 35
DVD: $35
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