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Hustle Volume 1 (Beginner - Intermediate)

In this tape we start at the very beginning, the very first step. Although this tape is suitable for the complete beginner, the tape has enough material to carry you to an advanced level. In fact, you will be ready to begin competing in hustle contests if you learn all these patterns and techniques. The tape starts with a great introduction to the hustle. Next we show a full length exhibition to music. Next is the easy "hustle for dummies" segment where you get started with 14 "universal" hustle figures. Note: we teach the three-count hustle, also known as the syncopated hustle or the New York hustle, which is the most popular type of hustle danced today. This is also the style used in all of the major hustle competitions today. This video goes on to show a truckload of leadable figures for social dancing or for competition. We count the first 14 patterns using BOTH of the two counting systems in use today: &1, 2, 3 and 1, 2, &3. Click here to see more information on counting systems. I recommend starting with Volume 1.

Hustle Volume #1 covers the "universal" syllabus for the first twelve steps of the hustle. This syllabus is part of the common "vocabulary" of all hustle styles, including west coast style and New York style. This is the foundation or "alphabet" that all hustle dancers should have. In addition, the tape moves on to show the next most common and "universal" figures in hustle. More than 35 figures are presented including hustle rolls, head duck patterns, swivels, and eight ways to set up double free spins for the lady. The fourteen steps of the basic syllabus are eminently leadable. This tape also addresses the most common problems and provides a few basic tips on arm styling.

Partial Step List

Part 1 - The twelve steps of the basic syllabus:

  • The basic step (forward, back, together, forward) and timing (1,2,&3 or &1,2,3).
  • 1/4 Turn Rotation.
  • 1/2 Turn Rotation. Also called: Right side passes (trading places).
  • Gentleman's left turn. (He drops hand at waist, then picks back up.)
  • Lady's inside underarm turn to the left. (Inside reverse turn.)
  • Alternating underarm turns (he goes, then she goes, hands trail the waist and pick back up).
  • Starter step from promenade position & throw out (release). Also known as sling throw out and catch.
  • Arch turn exit from promenade (arch turn release to throw out).
  • Head loop into promenade (closed) position.
  • Hustle cross body lead (turning basic).
  • Whip with inside turn.
  • Cross Body Lead with Inside Turn
  • Movement to Cape Position & Combination
  • Back whip (Gentleman's hammerlock whip)

Additional Figures

  • Whip with inside turn adding an additional inside turn.
  • Movement to cape position with a pattern that follows.
  • Head loop, send out, shoulder catch, CCW free spins.
  • Four swivel (strut) walks for the lady.
  • Introduction to the "rolling break" (push step) turn pattern.
  • Cape Position Revolves
  • Hustle rolls.
  • Two ways to set up head ducks.
  • Eight ways to set up double free spins for the lady.
  • Lady's continuous turns to left with alternating hand changes.
  • Right side pass with hand change and double outside turns.
  • Introduction to 4-count hustle.

Click here to preview this video!

Instructors: Joe and Patricia
about 105 minutes
Number of Patterns: over 35!
DVD: $30

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